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• Matos, N., y Rivera Camino, J. (2012). Future education Opportunities in Latin America. 39th Annual Conference, Partnership in International Management (PIM). 16-19 Octubre, Lima-Perú
• Rivera Camino, J. y Cerviño, J. (2011). A holistic model of education quality in marketing management: an exploratory testing in Spanish universities. Seventh International Conference, Iberoamerican Academy of Management, Diciembre. Lima (Peru).
• Rivera Camino, J, Cerviño, J., Adamo, E. (2010), A model to predict consumer attitudes towards country image and brands: An exploratory research with Spanish brands, Academy of Marketing Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation SIG: 6th International Colloquium. Academy of Marketing. Barcelona
• Rivera Camino, J. y Molero, V. (2009), La Orientación al Mercado en el sector educativo. El constructo y su validación exploratoria, ESCP -EAP Paris,8th International Marketing Trends Congress, January 16-17, Paris-France
• Rivera Camino, J. y De Juan, M.D. (2008), A Model of Education Quality, International Technology Education and Development Conference, IATED, 3-5/Marzo, Valencia-España
• Rivera Camino, J. y Molero, V. (2008), Market Orientation in the Education Sector: An Exploratory Testing in Spain, International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB), 28-30 Enero, San Diego-USA
• Rivera, J. y De Juan, M.D. (2007) “Educación de Calidad en Marketing: Un Modelo Holístico” XIX Encuentro de Profesores Universitarios de Marketing, 20/09/2006 – 21/09/2006, Vigo.
• Rivera, J.; López, S. and García, C. (2007). “The Influence of the Individual and Organizational Variables on a Green Marketing Strategy”, XI Congreso de Investigación en Ciencias Administrativas, ITESO and Academia de Ciencias Administrativas, 22-25, May, Guadalajara, Mexico.
• Rivera, J. y De Juan Vigaray, M.D. (2006) “El Concepto De Marketing Medioambiental: Una Perspectiva Organizacional, Valores Personales y Stakeholders” XVIII Encuentro de Profesores Universitarios de Marketing, 21- 22/09/2006, Almería.
• López, S. and Rivera, J. (2006). “Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility”, 14th International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society, IESE Business School, 18 – 19 May, Barcelona, Spain.
• Álvarez, M.J., Rivera, J. and López, S. (2005). “Environmental Operations Strategy in Spanish Industry: an Empirical and Exploratory Description”, European Management and Technology Conference, Technology Research Institute of Florida, 20 – 21 June, Rome, Italy.
• Rivera, J., Gómez-Mejia, L, (2005). “A model of quality management education: An exploratory Testing in Iberoamerican public universities”, Ibero American Academy of Management Professional Development Workshop- Hawaii, August 6th.
• Rivera, J., Molero, V. (2005), The Environmental Marketing Strategies: An Stakeholder perspective. 4th European Marketing Trends Congress – Paris-January 21st- 22nd 2005

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